• highjacker - Promenade
  • highjacker - Ideal Standard
  • highjacker - Confortable capsule
  • - Cookie_B - 01 Ne t' eloigne pas de trop (Feat. Supa-Jay)
  • - Cookie_B - 02 15 ans d' age
  • - Cookie_B - 03 Du sang dans les pates au beurre
  • - Cookie_B - 04 Requiem pour un futur d'occasions
  • highjacker - What are you waiting for?
  • Highjacker - Straight Asylum
  • Highjacker - Calm Dummies feat. Lemonade
  • Foutrake - yo
  • Eustache McQueer - Carmen
  • highjacker - I got thoughts
  • Highjacker - Dorothy P
  • Highjacker - Repeat again
  • Highjacker - Charmed Part II
  • Highjacker - Magic dummies


a long way from there

Dopebase has been created in 2002 in Lyon, France. Pursuing the idea that creation belongs to the artists and not to the money or the music industry, few of us launched a platform dedicated to electronic music. Gathered in an old ironmongery downtown Lyon, we made our own sound, alone or together, depending only on goodwill and wish.

This has been a great adventure paved of finished and unfinished projects, dreams, concerts, records and, last but not least, the monthly rendez vous we had with friends, other artists or music activists, fans and followers (or just people being there by accident or addicted to the 1€ beer) called Freedays.

After 6 years of various experiences, Dopebase ended in 2008, life streams taking us naturally on different ways.

Good old days always better but ain’t feed the years to come. There is nevertheless something to be mentioned and to be kept from this glorious past: Dopebase was a certain idea of sound, music production and creation. This is the only thing to be honoured and that merit a revival.

Dopebase’s idea is still topical: free creation, joy of making music? Yes, indeed. In our own way: away from mainstream, chapels and fashionable standards.

Dopebase next ‘s story is short to tell: thanks to a recent accidental meeting of three of us, Dopebase is back on the bench. Should we bet on an effect of mere chance? Let’s see.