• highjacker - Promenade
  • highjacker - Ideal Standard
  • highjacker - Confortable capsule
  • highjacker - What are you waiting for?
  • Highjacker - Straight Asylum
  • Highjacker - Calm Dummies feat. Lemonade
  • highjacker - I got thoughts
  • Highjacker - Dorothy P
  • Highjacker - Repeat again
  • Highjacker - Charmed Part II
  • Highjacker - Magic dummies
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Founder of Dopebase, Highjacker is a multimedia artist. As a composer, he works mainly on dowtempo beats. He recently moved into more electronic sound experience with multiple synthezisers composition.

new track 2017-08-18 Highjacker featuring Lemonade
True Ballad

New release 2017-03-22 Promenade

New track 2017-02-19
Ideal standard

New release 2016-12-27 Ambient
Confortable capsule

New release 2016-12-09 What are you waiting for?
What are you waiting for?

New Track 2016-11-22
New tracks… Come in the Meta Loop and Straight Asylum
An experience in construction with pattern

New release 2016-11-20 Featuring Lemonade SF
Calm Dummies and Magic dummies/Crowded are the results of my collaboration with Lemonade, amazing US singer from San Francisco.